iPad 9th Gen – a Student’s Perspective [2021]

iPad 9th Gen – a Student’s Perspective [2021]

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This is my students perspective on the iPad 9th gen. It packs the A13 Bionic Chip with makes your iPad experience feel pretty smooth and fluid in your college life. Doesn’t matter if you’re gaming, multitasking, taking notes, etc. The display is 10.2 inches and peeks at 500 nits of brightness. It doesn’t have a laminated display but it does have True Tone. For security we get Touch ID. The cameras have been improved. Specially the front camera since we get centre stage which is an insanely useful feature for students, since it’s an immersive way to do zoom calls, FaceTime for online classes. Accessories become a huge part on iPad. You got the Apple Pencil 2 and the Smart Keyboard which will elevate your student life experience to the next level specially since there are so many great and useful student iPad apps such as Notability! It doesn’t matter what you study, even medical students. It is simply the best budget iPad in 2021.

00:00 Who the iPad is for
00:31 Best Value
00:58 Display
01:21 Non Laminated Display
01:49 True Tone
02:51 Design
03:18 Touch ID
03:41 Cameras
04:09 Center Stage
04:57 Performance
05:47 Accessories
06:03 Apple Pencil
06:57 Notability
07:45 Smart Keyboard
08:55 Best iPad Student Accessories
10:57 iPadOS
11:33 Best VPN for Students
12:45 iPad VS MacBook
13:17 Benefits of iPad for Students
14:21 Be careful with the iPad
15:05 Be Happy

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