iPad Mini 6 – install these apps FIRST!!

iPad Mini 6 – install these apps FIRST!!

What are the best apps for iPad Mini 2021? These are some my must have iPad mini 6 apps! If you just got the new iPad Mini, install these iPadOS apps first for a solid iPad Mini 6 setup!

Try the Paperlike screenprotector! – http://paperlike.com/patrickrambles

Try Audible Premium Plus for free – https://amzn.to/2Y1oh0s
Try Canva for free – https://partner.canva.com/jKqGb

iPad Mini https://geni.us/dYuP

Favorite MECHANICAL KEYBOARD : Vissles V84 wireless (RGB) mechanical keyboard – https://geni.us/VPSNT

Favorite Thunderbolt Hubs:
Caldigit TS3 plus THUNDERBOLT dock – https://geni.us/GItTO
Anker Thunderbolt 4 Hub – https://geni.us/DW9l

** ALL MY FAVORITE TECH PRODUCTS: https://www.amazon.com/shop/patrickrambles

Patrick Rambles MERCH!! – https://my-store-11553323.creator-spring.com

External SSD Drives (My recommendations)
Samsung T5 – https://geni.us/EymQ
Samsung T7 – https://geni.us/SvAf9B
Samsung X5 – Sansung T5 – https://geni.us/EymQ
Lacie Rugged – https://geni.us/QrIs
Sandisk Extreme – https://geni.us/LOGGW
Sandisk Extreme pro – https://geni.us/A5tdL6

I’ve tested all of these drives:
https://youtu.be/XQwndaoFGDk (T7, Lacie, Sandisk Pro)
https://youtu.be/OMwToXdoZZU (T5, T7, Sandisk Extreme)

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