Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2 (Full Detailed Comparison & Testing)

Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2 (Full Detailed Comparison & Testing)

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Galaxy Fit 2 👉https://mikeobrienmedia.com/galaxy-fit-2
The Mi Band 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 are two of the best fitness trackers, smartwatch alternatives, and budget smart bands in the industry, but which one is the better buy? In this video, we explore the accuracy, features, similarities, and differences between these two best sellers.

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Single piece with silicone band
Connect only via Bluetooth
HR sensing and accelerometer
Stress monitoring and Breathing exercises
Find my phone
High heart rate alerts
Auto fitness tracking, but Fit does it much better

FIT2: $60
Integrated touch home button (vs swipe back on screen)
5ATM + IP68 water resistance
Better strap (easier)
21 day battery life (14 with continuous HR) (vs 14 on Mi Band) – basically the same
Choose 10 of roughly 100 exercises (vs 30 sports modes)
Galaxy Health App (vs Mi Fit)
Convenient quick settings
Better notifications
Cleaner interface (nicer to use and find stuff)
Night mode
Water mode is not as nice as it was (screen turns on a lot)
Can export as GPX (course) but not TCX which means no HR data… why?
Snap charger on rear (vs magnetic charger)

Mi Band 5: $50
SpO2 tracking
1.56” display (vs 1.1”) – both AMOLED
5ATM water resistance
Only needs one app (vs two for Fit 2)
Idle alerts
Women’s menstrual tracking
Remote photo taking
More in-depth weather
Does not allow you to export workouts
App is not ideal

Brightness testing

Both devices are fantastic. The larger screen on the Mi Band makes me prefer it to the Fit2, but the Fit has a smoother interface and integrates more nicely with Samsung phones

Fit does better: Interface, notifications, strap, and auto fitness tracking
Mi Band does better: PAI, remote photo taking, price, more accurate HR
The Fit2 gained a lot of ground and offers an appealing device, but the new Mi Band 6 display is a big win for Xiaomi, so which is better now?

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