EXCLUSIVE MacBook Pro Leaks, new MacBook Air M2, iMacs and more!

EXCLUSIVE MacBook Pro Leaks, new MacBook Air M2, iMacs and more!

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Today we have some very exciting future Apple Silicon Mac updates, and 3 exclusive tidbits found and verified by yours truly! We’ll talk about everything from the upcoming redesigned MacBook Air, future iMac Pro with Apple Silicon M1X or M2X processor, and interesting details about the upcoming MacBook Pro.

Huge shoutout to Sam @iupdate for helping verify the exclusive information in this video
Check out Ian Zelbo, the talented render artist who created the MacBook Pro concept for me and the MacBook Air concept for Jon Prosser: https://twitter.com/RendersbyIan

0:00 Intro
0:42 M2 MacBook Air
2:10 miniLED
2:36 3 Exclusive leaks!
9:08 30” iMac Pro

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