Apple M2 & M3 Will DESTROY Intel ‘Raptor Lake’ — Reaction!

Apple M2 & M3 Will DESTROY Intel ‘Raptor Lake’ — Reaction!

Cool New M2 & M3 MacBook Air Rumor Analysis!
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“With the increased core count and frequency upgrades, Apple has a good chance to overtake Intel in the PC space” — Wayne Ma, The Information. And yeah, Apple’s silicon roadmap isn’t just about core counts and frequencies, any more than Intel’s is just about goosing voltage, but before we get into what we already know about M2, and why M3 might be another major leap forward, let’s just address the elephant-sized silicon in the room — Intel’s desire to get Apple back as a customer, how they’re doing, and why it’s too little, too late… and too cringe.

Then, yes, all the new Apple M2 & M3 rumors, what A15 and ARMv9 already tells us, and more!


💻 M2, M3 & the Future of Apple Silicon Macs:


Andrei Frumusanu on AnandTech:

Mark Gurman on Bloomberg:

Wayne Ma on The Information:


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