Apple ‘Quad M1 Max’ Will DESTROY Intel ‘Alder Lake’ — Reaction!

Apple ‘Quad M1 Max’ Will DESTROY Intel ‘Alder Lake’ — Reaction!

Fresh New Quad M1 Max Mac Pro Rumor Analysis!
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“Apple’s plans for its future Mac processors suggest those new chips are likely to easily outperform Intel’s future processors for consumer PCs” — That’s according to Wayne Ma at the Information, who just dropped a huge, huge report on the M1 ‘Extreme’, or whatever Apple ends up calling the dual and Mac Pro version of the dual and quad M1 Max.

And since performance efficiency really does matter for desktops too, given transistor counts, power draw, thermal envelopes, and the limits of physics and enclosures, it kinda reframes the whole discussion around what Intel’s new 12th gen Alder Lake platform really means of Apple!


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Intel’s Flagship Core i9-12900K Alder Lake CPU Consumes A Whooping 330 Watts Power When Overclocked To 5.2 GHz


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