Here’s Why the Apple Watch Series 7 Was Delayed (Maybe)

Here’s Why the Apple Watch Series 7 Was Delayed (Maybe)

In this video, Taylor sits down with ex-product designer Tobias from Instrumental to walk him through our Apple Watch Series 7 teardown, get some insider knowledge on the new design, and try to figure out what caused the delays bringing it to market.

You can learn more about Instrumental here!

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And read their whitepaper on product design and manufacturing delays here!

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Find a blog version of this teardown here:

00:00 Introduction
01:33 Apple Watch Series 7 X-Rays
01:54 New Apple Watch Opening Procedure
02:57 What’s Changed in the Apple Watch Series 7’s Larger Display
04:51 How Design Teams Overcome Delays and Obstacles
05:54 Apple Watch Series 7 Disassembly Continued
06:20 A Closer Look at the Series 7 Display
07:15 Removing the Series 7 Battery
08:17 Removing the Taptic Engine and Speakers
08:29 New Ingress Protection Measures
09:19 S7 Package Removal
09:25 The Apple Watch Series 7 Has No Diagnostic Port
10:32 Sensor Array Removal and Analysis
12:19 Disassembly Wrap Up
13:39 Repairability Score

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