iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 12 Pro Max / S21 Ultra / P50 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra / Mix 4 Battery Life DRAIN Test!

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 12 Pro Max / S21 Ultra / P50 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra / Mix 4 Battery Life DRAIN Test!

The iPhone 13 Pro Max packs in the largest battery cell in iPhone history at 4352mAh, but how does it stack up against its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro Max (3687mAh), as well as some of the best premium Android flagships around, namely the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (5000mAh), Huawei P50 Pro (4360mAh), Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (5000mAh), and Xiaomi Mix 4 (4500mAh) in this ULTIMATE Real Life Usage 100%-0% Battery Drain Test?!?

All Phones are Set to the SAME Brightness (Using a LUX Meter).

I Run through 15 APPS which include System Apps, Media Apps, Social Media Apps, Benchmark Apps (to simulate High Performance Gaming), and Games. Intervals are clocked every 30 Minutes and at each interval I show the Percentage of each phone as well as their Degrees in Celsius using an Infrared Heat Gun!

Twitter Link to wallpaper: https://twitter.com/TechNickBrazer/status/1449372429952831500?s=20

00:00 – Intro / LUX Meter Readings / Settings
02:10 – Battery & Temps at the Start
02:38 – FULL 100-0% Battery Drain Test
12:27 – Final Results (Worst to Best)
13:28 – Results of Predecessors and if all Phones had the same Battery Capacity + Battery mAh/minute Results & Temps

Stay tuned for more videos on these SIX devices in the weeks to come!

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