Apple M1 Mac Chip Explained: Questions & Doubts Answered

Apple M1 Mac Chip Explained: Questions & Doubts Answered

Apple’s new MacBooks and mac mini come packed with the new custom Apple Silicon M1 Chip. I explain exactly how it works and why it’s a big deal. I also answer your M1 Chip questions!
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Apple’s new M1 chip is revolutionary thanks to it’s killer performance and the new architecture.

Apple’s been designing their own iPhone and iPad chips for years, like the A14 Bionic and the A12Z chip. Because of that, they’ve been leading the smartphone and tablet industry.

Now, Apple is doing the same for the Mac, and so far, we’re extremely impressed.

In this video, I explain the different features of the M1 chip and how it all works. I then go through the benefits and downsides of moving over to the new architecture.

I also talk about Rosetta 2, and I answer a lot of your questions and doubts about the new Apple Silicon Macs!

In this video, we also discuss the 13″ MacBook Air vs 13″ MacBook Pro vs Mac Mini.

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Timestamps ⬇️
Introduction to the Apple M1 chip – 00:00
Questions and doubts surrounding the M1 chip – 0:13
How Apple started making their own chips – 0:54
How the M1 chip is different compare to an iPad chip – 1:52
Downsides of the new M1 chip & Architecture – 2:30
How Apple Silicon Macs will handle gaming – 3:41
Intel chip architecture vs new Apple Silicon M1 chip – 4:04
Understanding the M1 chip’s Unified Architecture – 4:46
Understanding the M1 chip’s Asymmetrical Core technology – 5:29
Brand new features of the M1 Chip – 6:23
Analyzing leaked M1 chip CPU benchmarks – 7:16
Future 12-core M1X (or Z) chip rumors – 8:42
Analyzing leaked M1 chip Graphics benchmarks – 9:56
Custom Apple Silicon dedicated GPU coming soon – 10:57
Why are the M1 chip Macs limited to 16GB of memory? – 11:22
Why do the M1 chip Macs only have two Thunderbolt ports? – 12:45
Why do the M1 chip Macs only support one external display? – 13:21
Why does the base MacBook Air only have a 7-core GPU? – 13:42
Why does the MacBook Air have no cooling fan? – 14:11
Should you be worried about third-party app support? – 14:47
Can I still download apps from the web? – 15:41
Outro – 16:17

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