BLENDER Running on the NEW M1 Macs (CPU & RAM Usage, Thermals, Rendering, Performance)

BLENDER Running on the NEW M1 Macs (CPU & RAM Usage, Thermals, Rendering, Performance)

Again, another highly requested topic! Many people want to see the performance of the M1 Mac running Blender. I’m happy to say that even on Rosetta 2, Blender runs extremely well with no issues!

In this video I download some test files and put the Mac through it’s paces. I load up different scenes, test how long the app takes to launch, and also do some test rendering. i also take a thermal snapshot of the thermal performance while rendering and spend some time delving into the CPU and RAM usage.

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00:00 Introduction
01:30 Opening Splash Screen Demo Scene
03:23 Sky Demo Scene
04:07 CPU and RAM usage during CPU Intensive Render
05:07 Cloth Internal Air Pressure Demo Scene
05:33 CPU and RAM Usage During Use (Multitasking Possible)
06:00 Restaurant Animation Demo
07:49 Rendering a 100 Frame GPU Intensive Animation
09:32 Thermal Performance of the MacBook Air During 30 min Render
10:18 RAM and CPU Usage During 30 min GPU Intensive Render

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